Eliminate Man Boobs With Ease

If you could learn how to get rid of chest fat now, suppose I told you that flat chest was just around the corner? That you could have pecs like a male cover model in just a few weeks?

When you consistently follow all the right techniques, your body will eventually provide the signals to burn away all that breast fat.

...and leave behind the body of a true man - just like nature intended.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why with time, more and more men are growing breasts? Just a few decades ago man boobs were so rare, that almost nobody would have any interest in reading this article!. The modern environment is to blame, with it's unnatural processing of food, use of fertilizers and hormones in animals, use of hormonal contraception by more than 70% of its women and a huge host of other factors.

"How are these factors causing my man boobs?"

The growth of boobs in men is stimulated by the hormone oestrogen. Modern man has higher levels of oestrogen than ever before, due exposure to high volumes of environmental oestrogens. Oestrogen is making its way into your body through your food, your water supply, heck you're even breathing it in via your lungs! Car exhaust fumes contain oestrogen-like particles that go straight into your blood supply via your lungs.

There are more men with man breasts today than ever, for the same reason cancer rates and heart disease are shooting up. We are being exposed to dangerous levels of oestrogen in our daily lives and no government that I know of has decided to take a stance against it.

"So What Do I Do To Get Rid Of My Man Boobs As Quickly As Possible?"

It's simple! Avoid as much of the oestrogen around you as is humanly possible. Of course, if it's in the air you breathe, you'll only be able to avoid it to a certain extent, that's why you have to employ every strategy you can.

And unfortunately this involves exercise. Yup, I'm afraid it's true. Body fat does two things to give you man boobs - it is a medium for oestrogen-storage (as oestrogen is fat-soluble), and it contains the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone to oestrogen, and we sure as hell don't want that happening. This is the very reason why if a man exposed to know artificial environmental oestrogens 500 years ago was to get fat enough, he too would develop man boobs. Therefore reducing those fat levels right down will be of much help in your mission to lose those man boobs, even if the fat you lose is only from your buttocks.

I definitely advise you go and read about Man Boobs Exercise.

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